La scamiciata

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8 May 2017

La scamiciata

In 1978, on the occasion of the third centenary of the victory over the Turks, some citizens, rich in experience in the folkloric group “I Canti del Faso” and in the Youth Tourism Center, resumed the tradition by forming the “Fasanese June Committee”.

Thus the Historical Court was born to represent the moment of the triumph of the Fasanesi after the battle: a fascinating event, followed by a lively interest from citizens and tourists, made with good taste, fairness and originality.

Later, in its resumption of the tradition of “The Scamiciata”, the Committee intends to emphasize not only the spectacular, folkloric and historical-evocative aspects of how to make it an opportunity for study, historical research, cultural reflection on a whole epoch, decisive for history Of Fasano: the ‘600.

PRESIDENT: Lucio Legrottaglie
VICE PRESIDENT: Lucrezia Latorre
ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Giuseppe Palasciano
SECRETARY: Angel Nistri
ADVICE: Andrea Belfiore, Pasquina Cuzzupè, Maria D’Arcavio, Luca Durini, Anna Gatti, Nicola Gentile, Nicola Giordano Cardone, Antonietta Latorre, Margherita Latorre, Carmela Nucci, Mario Ostuni, Angela Palasciano, Fausto Savoia

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